We recently presented at the Leeds Digital Festival and Digital Leaders events, talking about our roles and the work our user research and business analysis teams do in DWP Digital.

People at those events were interested to know how closely linked our roles are and how our teams work together.

And the link between our roles and teams is also something that some people within DWP are not always clear about, especially people not traditionally used to working with agile multi-disciplinary teams.

What do both roles do?

From our perspective there’s a natural affinity and close working between the roles. But what do we mean…

Exotic, diverse, and wild, the world’s rainforests extend from North to South across Earth. The rainforest biome nurtures thousands of plants and animals found nowhere else on this planet and provide many of our essentials for life. Modern civilization’s progress has placed an increasing percentage of the world’s rainforests in danger. Here are 10 interesting facts about the tropical rainforest.

Rainforests cover less than two percent of the Earth’s total surface, according to The Nature Conservancy, but they are home to fifty percent of the Earth’s plants and animals. This is in part due to the ideal climatic conditions of…

Bridget-Now Novel | Dr. Goddess | Man Kind | Culture Trip

Throughout history, mankind has searched for truth, hoping to find a reason for our existence. We have explored science and magic, philosophy and religion, hedonism and asceticism — even the anti-purpose notion of nihilism. With the Age of Enlightenment, we began seeking proof that science and logic would provide the foundation for answering all questions about life and existence — that human intellect itself would provide a basis for realizing ultimate truth. However, early in the twentieth century, two men shattered that hope.

In 1901, Bertrand Russell discovered a…

Genetic Engineering | Philosophical Algorithm | Life Science Animation

Genetic Algorithms are a family of computational models inspired by evolution. These algorithms encode a potential solution to a specific problem on a simple chromosome-like data structure and apply recombination operators to these structures as as to preserve critical information. Genetic algorithms are often viewed as function optimizer, although the range of problems to which genetic algorithms have been applied are quite broad. An implementation of genetic algorithm begins with a population of (typically random) chromosomes. One then evaluates these structures and allocated reproductive opportunities in such a way that these…

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If you would ask me, ‘I have no time, what is this about?’.

I will tell you that I wasn’t listening. And, in this essay I describe how by taking small steps — pause before replying, listening more than talking, summarising, writing notes and practising meditation — I have become more aware of people and situations, improved my focus and efficiency, and become better at conversation.

If you stop reading here I won’t judge you. I understand: you don’t have time. …

Quantum Computer is calculating device that uses a quantum mechanical phenomena, such as superposition and linkages, to perform data operations. In classical computing, the number of data bits is computed, in a quantum computer, this is done with “Qubits”. The basic principle of quantum computers is that the quantum properties of particles can be used to represent data and data structures, and that quantum mechanics can be used to perform operations with this data.

Computer with a quantum system needed a new logic in accordance with the principles of quantum. If say, a quantum computer takes only 20 minutes to…

Facebook University — Gear Up event is going to take place on 27 Aug’20, 12:30 AM (IST) immersive in technical Knowledge on internship program that enables students from underrepresented communities to get to know Facebook’s people, products and services. The Event gives insight to upcoming interns across roles in engineering, analytics, product design, operations, and sales and advertising the opportunity to make a real impact and help redefine how the world connects.

Tornados are storms of surprise taking up everything in its path until the force of nature is dispersed at some point.

This tornados works on the principles of Black hole theory when force of attraction takes the huge alike to form a gigantic destruction force on path

Black hole is the centre of force attraction where every atom competes to hit the spot as more and more atom hit the spot the spot act like a screwing into object / space taking by surprise of reaching many kilometers in deep

While on this process any minute to big is broken…

Cosmic| Galaxy Digital Research | World Resources Institute

Intelligent beings in another galaxy use musical scales with the same mathematical basis as ours? If the philosopher Plato had known of galaxies, he would surely have answered yes. In his Timaeus he made creation start with the division of the World Soul in the ratios of a Greek scale, which then became the model for the movements of the stars and planets and everything else — the music of the spheres.

A related question is whether the notes of an extra-terrestrial piano would come in twelves rather than, say, tens or…

Rahul Nandi

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